XPERIA Z S100 ROM (By: Ryan Domingo)

Main Features:

  • Base on Stock v45 (Debloated) (Rooted) (Init.d Support)
  • Modded Boot.img with BRyEngine™ Tweaks Included (Credits to Brian James Jabson, Ryan Davis Domingo and Regie Soriano)
  • Tweaks added: Flush-o-Matic Engine (Credits to zeppelinox of XDA)
  • Tweaks added: Andrenaline Engine (Xperia Z S100 Ram Booster) (Credits to Imbawind of XDA)
  • Tabbed Settings (Credits to Reynan Paraiso) – Reverted to Modded Stock Settings Due to brightness and volume slider “force close” on tabbed.
  • Integrated Apps on Settings
  • OG Battery Mod
  • Viper4Android FX V2.2.1.1-1 (“latest update” Credits to Zhuhang of XDA)
  • Awesome BEATS v5 (Credits to Awesome of XDA)
  • Greenify
  • Performance Control (Bundled with AOKP rom control / You can Change CPU Governor, I/O Scheduler and Clock Speed and MORE) (Credits to h0rn3t of XDA)
  • Fstrim Lagfix
  • Root Explorer
  • Super SU
  • Integrated CPU Settings/Stats on Developer Settings
  • Integrated Location Based WiFi on WiFi Settings (Auto Connect WIFI without touching wifi toggles once detected)
  • Ported Xperia Z/T JB Lockscreen (Credits to soumya_digi of XDA)
  • Super smooth launcher
  • New Xperia Honami i1 launcher
  • Xperia beautiful widgets
  • Auto rotation
  • 5×4,4×4 app drawer
  • 7 Home screen add/remove support
  • Folders in App drawer
  • Nice UI
  • Re-sizable widgets
  • Xperia ZHonami i1Z Ultra default wallpapers (44 All in All)
  • Xperia v5 Icons
  • Xperia Clock + Widgets
  • Xperia Weather Widget
  • Xperia Track ID app + widget(v4)
  • Xperia Torch app + widget(v4)
  • Xperia Recent calls Widget
  • Xperia OnOff Tools Widget
  • Xperia Default Dialer
  • Xperia Calculator
  • Xperia Contacts
  • Xperia Calendar
  • Xperia Reboot Option
  • Xperia Notification and Ringtones
  • Xperia Cyber Shot™ Camera
  • Ported Xperia Honami i1 Keyboard (Emoji Support)
  • Ported Xperia Timescape™ (Can Use via Xperia™ Smartphone as Status on FB / Twitter)
  • Xperia Unread™ (Can Read Call and Messaging Counts)
  • Xperia Cosmic Flow Live Wallpapers
  • Xperia Photo Sliders
  • Modded Xperia MMS (DUAL Sim Support)
  • Xperia Photos and videos (PhotoWidget)
  • Xperia Honami i1 (MusicWidget)
  • Sony Movie Player
  • Honami WALKMAN™ + stuffs
  • Sound Enhancement
  • FB Music like
  • Visualizer
  • Edit Music Info
  • WALKMAN™ extensions
  • Honami DLNA (Media server)
  • Honami Movies
  • Music Unlimited
  • PlayNow™
  • Xperia™ with Facebook
  • Notes JB (NoteWidget JB)
  • Top contacts (TopContactsWidget)
  • Bravia Engine 2
  • ClearAudio+
  • xLoud (enabled by default)
  • Xperia i1 Honami Sony sketch font
  • Xperia i1 Honami X-Reality for mobile (Image Processing Engine) for more details read this..Click

Pre-Installed Apps:

  • TTpod Music Player (Needed for Viper4Android “irs” Effects)
  • Playstation Mobile (Can Play Playstation Games for Mobile)
  • Xperia Motion Snap (Can Create/Use  your own live wallpaper)
  • Socialife App (You can integrate facebook, twitter, youtube, google reader accounts.)
  • Modded Playstore by Chelplus (To activate Xperia unread licence verification)


Xperia Z S100

V1 Patch: Add-On (Xperia Unread + Modded Playstore by Chelplus)


Download V1 Patch Fix

  1. Install via TWRP recovery no need to wipe data factory reset ok!!
  2. Once install, Look for Google Playstore with Smiley icon just install and reboot.
  3. Now log-in to modded playstore then open xperia unread and check all the settings and its done! 😛

V2 Patch: Add-on + Fix (Xperia Honami i1 Walkman Player + Modded Stock Settings + Mp3 Fix + Replace Build.prop + Replace Xperia Z S100 text on Platlogo)


Download V2 patch Fix

  1. Install via TWRP recovery no need to wipe data factory reset ok!!

V3 Patch: Add-on + Fix (Fix + Replace Contacts) NOTE: Installing this may increase your ram usage due to activating google contacts/calendar sync but can fix your sim contacts problem 😛


Download V3 Patch Fix

  1. Install via TWRP recovery no need to wipe data factory reset ok!!

V4 Patch: Fix (Wake-up Volume Rocker + Caller Swipe + Usb Menu Fix)


Download V4 Patch Fix

  1. Install via TWRP recovery no need to wipe data factory reset ok!!

V5 Patch: Fix (Bluetooth Headset Pairing + Gplay Download Fix)


Download V5 Patch Fix

  1. Install via TWRP recovery no need to wipe data factory reset ok!!

V6 Patch: Fix (Caller Swipe Fix @ 240dpi + Lidroid 4.2 toggles update) Credits to Lorie Mae Sanchez and Richard Andrew Angeles For the Fix


Download V6 Patch Fix

  1. Install via TWRP recovery no need to wipe data factory reset ok!!
  2. Edit Build.prop Using Root Explorer change dpi (lcd density) to 240 then save and reboot..



Para lng toh dun sa nka experience ng error s “CAMERA” nla after flashing xperia z100.. di q p na test toh (Ksi OK nmn camera q)   kya mag backup muna bgo mag flash..

yung mga “OK” ang camera wag nyo na i flash toh bka magkaproblema p kyo maliwanag…  

if ma fix cam nyo “congrats sau may libre kng jacket at selpon kay koya wil” LOL.. XD

if ndi ma fix sorry reflash k n lng ng ibang rom na stable ang cam sau  



System Cleaner (Flash this first before flashing any rom) Credits to koya Regie Soriano and brian james jabson

  • this will wipe all your system data/files only (not sd)
  • this will clean your installation on every rom you flash (clean install)
  • can fix auto reboot problem.

System Cleaner Download


Brian James Jabson

Hanatsuki Hime

Harvie Boles

Reynan Paraiso

Regie Soriano

Ryan Davis Domingo

Kevin Jan Goc-ong

Joey Huab

Engr Rayn Herrera – For TWRP recovery

Krizia Dumagsang

Sande Salguero

Rick Bovavilla

Romar Cabinta

Jp Garmay – For Beta tester

Resqui Boni Santua – For Beta tester

Kardel Sharpeye – For Beta tester

Koya Dan Lex – For the Sample Layout


XDA Developers

Rizal Lovinz “Recognized Themer of XDA” – To make this possible to port Xperia UI on other phones 🙂

At kung sino man di ko nabanggit alam nyo na kung sino kayo 😛

Must Do Before Flashing.. (Para walang sisihan :P)

  1. PLEASE backup your contacts and apps to avoid loss of data’s..
  2. PLEASE do “WIPE DATA FACTORY RESET” before flashing to avoid bugs..
  3. Install via “TWRP Recovery” only..

To Activate Tweaks:

Use Terminal Emulator and Type This Commands:

For Project X Boost V2:




For Extra Ram Booster: (Xperia Z S100 RAM Booster) (For Gamers Must Do this b4 Playing any games)



Enable on-screen buttons: (Optional sa gs2 maglagay ng onscreen o virtual navigation soft buttons)

Use Root Explorer on your phone This is a file manager that will be used to edit those system files to enable/disable on-screen/soft buttons. Those already experienced with using a root-enabled file manager

  1. Go into the system folder, then scroll down to find the build.prop file. Tap on this file to start editing it. If you get an “Open With” prompt, select “txt editor”.
  2. Now, at the end of the file (at the bottom after the last line), add the line “qemu.hw.mainkeys=0″ (without the ” quotes), then save the file (press the Menu button to see the Save option). Now delete “build.prop.bak”
  3. Then, reboot the phone. After the phone boots up, you should have the virtual on-screen buttons on your Xperia Z s100.


  • No Xperia unread on first install – Fix Already on V1 patch
  • Sim Card app drawer icon same carrier name on dual sim mode. Fix Already on V2 patch 🙂
  • Walkman and Stock Music Player can’t read mp3 songs that have higher lap time.. only below 00:59 remaining lap are playable.. Fix Already on V2 patch 🙂
  • Settings/sound/volume “force close” Fix Already Using Stock Settings on V2 patch 🙂
  • Settings/display/brightness/settings “force close” Fix Already Using Stock Settings on V2 patch 🙂
  • Sim Contacts not detected on first install – Fix? Import your contacts from your previous backup (.vcf file) on storage (if you already have backup you can do this) if not, condolence poh.. 😦 LOL! haha.. joke.. backup2 dn kz pag may time 😛 Fix Already on V3 patch but expect can increase RAM usage 🙂


  • Contacts/Menu/contacts to display/Customize “force close” on V3 patch – Fix? Not yet 😦
  • Caller Swipe on answer cover by quick reply – Fix Already on V4 Patch 🙂
  • Keyboard dot “.” location not align due to default font installed – Fix? Replace Stock Font 🙂
  • Bluetooth Headset Pairing – Fix Already on V5 Patch 🙂

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