How to setup Edimax EW-7438RPn V2 WiFi Extender

Step by Step Guide

  1. Plug the WiFi Extender into a power socket and switch it on.
  2. The green power LED will flash while the system is booting up. The device is ready when the green power LED is ON.
  3. Use a WiFi device (e.g. Computer, Tablet Smartphones) to search for a WiFi Network with the SSID “Edimax.Setup_xx and connect to it.
    • Note: If you’re using a computer, please disconnect any Ethernet Cables.
  4. Open a web browser and if you don’t automatically redirected to Get Started screen, enter at the URL http://edimax.setup for and click Get Started to begin the setup process.
    • If you cannot access edimax.setup please make sure your computer is set to use dynamic IP Address
    • If you cannot access edimax.setup you can use the extender IP Address which is if your WiFi Extender Model is EW-7438RPn
    • If your Wifi Extender Model is EW-7438RPn V2, EW-7438RPn Mini or EW-7438RPn Air use IP Address
  5. Select an operating mode.
  6. Follow the on screen instruction for your selected mode to complete the setup. The rest of this guide will use “WiFi Extender” mode as an example.
  7. Read the instruction about selecting a good location for your wireless extender and then click “Next: to continue. you can check your signal strength on the next page.
  8. Select your WiFi network from the list and enter the Security key/password, you can also enter a new SSID [name] if you wish. Click next to continue.
    • By default, the WiFi extender’s new wireless name is your existing router/access point’s SSID+_2EX.
    • Do no check “Connect to hidden network unless you wish to connect to hidden SSID instead.
  9. Wait while the Edimax Extender test the connection
    • If your extender cannot obtain an IP address from your existing router/access point, please double check if you enterd the correct security key.
  10. When the connection test is complete, click apply to restart the extender.
  11. A final congratulation screen will indicate that the setup is complete. your WiFi extender is working and ready for use.
    The Amber signal strength LED should display on or flash depending in your signal strength.
Video Tutorial for EW-7438RPn v2



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