Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7

Upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7 without losing your files and Program Settings.

Do you want to update your Windows XP to Windows 7 without losing your files and program settings? here are the step by step guide to upgrade your Windows XP to the latest version of Windows.

You’ll need the following:

  • Windows XP running Service Pack 3 [ Download ]
  • Windows Vista Installer with Service Pack 1 — Vista SP1 32bit or 64bit
  • Power ISO (if you’re using an ISO file). 
  • Windows 7 Ultimate.

Step 1

Run Windows Vista Setup.exe, and select “Install Now”

vista installer 2

vista installer 3

Don’t put any product key, and tick the check box. then click the next button.

vista installer 4

Select “No” to continue setup.

vista installer 5

If you’re running Windows XP Pro, the recommended version of Vista is “Vista Ultimate”. Otherwise you can choose “Vista Home Premium”.

vista installer 6

Click next and select Upgrade.

vista installer 7

Wait until the setup is finish, your system will restart several times during the upgrade process.

vista installer 8Now you’re running Windows Vista Ultimate. Now we can start upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 7