[JB]Flame KTCIT.apk gsensor possible fix

[JB]Flame KTCIT.apk gsensor possible fix


  • Flame 2.0’s KTCIT.apk – DOWNLOAD
  • Eyes for reading
  • Brain to Understand


  1. Download the KTCIT.apk 
  2. put it on your SDcard mas ok na sa folder na madali mong maaccess
  3. bago ipush make sure na naka UNCHECK ung Auto Rotate Screen sa Settings>Display
  4. open Root Explorer
  5. locate mo ung nadownload mo na KTCIT.apk
  6. copy mo ung KTCIT.apk then go to your System (mas ok na wag muna sa Apps folder ng system gnun kasi gnwa ko XD)
  7. paste nyo ung KTCIT.apk sa System change PERMISSION rw-r–r–
  8. now move nyo ung KTCIT.apk nyo sa System>apps replace lang
  9. Reboot
  10. check nyo na kung gumagana ung Gsensor 😀

Credits to Jader Eugenio Ricarte for the KTCIT.apk 🙂


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