FIX deadboot / no recovery / no fastboot / formatted while in QPST mode


  • Dead-Boot FLARE(S100) but still detected in device manager (Unknown Device or in COM PORTS).
  • USB Cable.
  • Jellybean/ICS Driver
  • Laptop / PC Running Windows. I’ve tested this using windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 32bit SP1.
  • Qualcomm Product Support Tools. I’ve tested this using version 2.7 build 399.
  • Jellybean BP Firmware.
  • Jellybean Image Dump
  • Best of all Common Sense.

  • Extract QPST-2.7.399.rar and run SETUP.EXE
  • Run SETUP.EXE. press install when it prompt to install additional Visual C++ runtime libraries. Follow the defaults, press NEXT until it finish the installation.
  • Connect Deadboot Flare(s100) to Computer / Laptop.
  • Go to device manager, expand PORTS (COM & LPT). Check if there is an item called Qualcomm HSUSB QDLOADER 9008. if the item is there, you are done with the driver install.
  • If there is no item under PORTS(COM &LPT), check device manager under “Other Device>Unknown Device”.
  • Double Click “Unknown Device > Update Driver > Browse My Computer” Browse to the where you saved extracted Jellybean / ICS Drivers. It will install the driver, if it prompts for unsigned drivers, press “Install Anyway”.
  • It should be now listed under COM PORTS > Qualcomm HSUSB QDLOADER 9008.
Run QPST and re-program EMMC:

note: If you are using Windows 7, make sure you run it under compatibility mode in Windows XP SP3, and run as Administrator.

  • Run EMMC Software Download.
  • Press Browse, it will detect your phone. Look for the PHONE TAB that says DOWNLOAD and press OK.
  • Put check mark on “Program bootloaders, Program MMC Device, Trusted”.
  • Under “Flash Programmer File name” , select “MPRG8X25.hex.
  • Under “Boot Image”, enter 8X25_msimage.mbn.
  • Press Load XML Def, navigate to your extracted JB Firmware, select rawprogram0, press OPEN.
  • Press Load Patch Def, navigate to your extracted JB Firmware, select patch0, then press OPEN.
  • Press DOWNLOAD
  • A warning message may appear, “Timeout Waiting” etc. or “Cookie not Received, if the error is “Timeout Waiting” Press OK and then press “Switch Device to Load, check your phone (S100), it will show “Reset for entry QPST”.
  • Exit EMMC Software Download. Proceed to Flash Jellybean BP Firmware and then Flash Jellybean IMG Dump.

“If error is COOKIE NOT RECEIVED, Sorry it is still bricked”.

“This tutorial will also fix CWM formatted boot partition”

Creditsryanrudolf tcp / tpc / symb / xda / modaco From : CHERRY MOBILE FLARE PH (OFFICIAL) Facebook Group


36 thoughts on “FIX deadboot / no recovery / no fastboot / formatted while in QPST mode

  1. The BP firmare link is not working. Can you reupload it?

  2. it’s saying cookie not received. Please help.

  3. two typical tasks i want to give im using redmi 1s mobile it was formatted in cwm now im not getting IMEI numbers it is showing null can u fix this it gave me a typical challenge but i got failed can you fix it???????

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  5. hey guyss my phone is okay but its stuck on logo only and the part i didnt get is “. Proceed to Flash Jellybean BP Firmware and then Flash Jellybean IMG Dump.” how to do that plsss that is the only thung left to fix my phone plss replyyy quickkkkkkk plsssss thanks

  6. Hey…my device is shown as Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 9006 in device manager….please help me to fix it…

  7. sir my flare s100 show reset for entry qpst download wat is the next step

  8. my phone revive tnx

  9. tanx a lot sir dev.

  10. i have asus zenfone 2 it is rooted
    i tried to update it , the was installing the packages nd later on it stuck to asus
    logo . i turned my phone off nd moved to recovery mode nd wiped cache partition
    now my phone showing error nd i am not able to use it
    plzz help me out

  11. Does it work for Sony Xperia SP?

  12. is it work with asus zenfone 5 a501cg?

  13. hi my flare s100 was stuck on CM logo. can you help me how to fix it? TIA!

  14. hi dev my Hisense AD688G cannot turn on. i’ve tried to emmc download but always failed. Timeout Waiting bla bla. can u help me.

  15. tested for windows 10 ???

  16. Will this method wipe the data on the phone? My wife’s phone (LG V10) is still under warranty and will be replaced by Verizon but she has over 3000 pictures and videos saved on the internal memory of the phone and cannot lose them. They are photos of her late Grandmother and of her shortly before she passed away.
    Her phone when plugged into the computer is only recognizing the phone as “Relink Hs-USB QDloader 9008 (Com 3) The phone froze on her and now will not turn on.
    Please any help/suggestions you might have would be appreciated!
    Thank you!

  17. Working poba to sa cm nova 2.0 deadboot!?

  18. plz give me a download links not work

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